Fun Things To Do With The Bidet Toilet Seat

Water cleaning is the most efficient of all. You are certainly familiar with this notion from the commercials for floor and carpet cleaners for home use. This type of cleaning is the best for your intimate parts too. With a bidet toilet seat, you will enjoy gentle and thorough washing plus drying after you do your business. You will never have to worry about rubbing the sensitive areas of your body with toilet paper and feeling discomfort.

I value highly bidet toilet seats. For me, as a business owner, they are a good investment. I have installed such fixtures in all of the luxury villas which I own and rent in the south east part of Asia. My clients are happy and this brings more profit to me. I think that these bathroom fixtures will be useful in every home. Apart from their standard use, there are a number of fun ones. Consider them and you will find how super functional the fixtures are.

Fun Things To Do With The Bidet Toilet SeatThe main purpose of the bidet toilet seat is to provide posterior and in some cases anterior cleaning. A nozzle extends from underneath the seat and sprays water on your intimate parts until they get completely cleaned. Often there is an air dryer which completely eliminates the need to use toilet paper. I am sure that various ideas for usage come to your mind given the functions of the fixture. Consider the ones I will describe below as well.

Feet Washing

You can wash your feet with a bidet toilet seat. You simply need to extend the nozzle to the desired position, place one foot over it and wash it. Then you can do the same with the other foot. I would recommend that you adjust carefully the water pressure in particular. That way, you will prevent the spraying of water out of the toilet bowl if you put your foot too high above the stream.

It is certainly a good idea to use the bidet toilet seat to wash your feet when you are in a hurry. You simply need to roll your pants up and get the job done. You can even use the dryer to dry your feet. If you use the shower for washing your feet, you can be certain that the whole thing will end up being too messy. You would not want to spray water all over the bathroom. Similarly, using the bathroom vanity is extremely uncomfortable.

Leg Shaving

Girls can shave their legs easily and quickly with the use of a bidet toilet seat. Use the water to moisten and soften the skin. Then you need to apply the shaving cream and start running the shaver from the ankle up. Rinse the shaver by using the water stream coming from the nozzle. After you are done with the removal of all hairs from your legs, you can easily wash them over the toilet bowl. You can go for gentle air drying too.

I think that this method for shaving your legs is more comfortable compared to using the bathroom vanity. The main advantage of the bidet toilet seat over the vanity is that it is lower. You can readily extend your legs over the water stream coming from the nozzle without straining your back and without losing balance. This will allow you to get the job done more easily and quick as well as more comfortably.

Kids’ Uses

Often small kids and toddlers, in particular, need to have their butt cleaned. You can readily use the bidet toilet seat instead of the sink, shower or the baby wipes. There are models which have special child modes, but you can use a standard model as well. It is super easy to place a small child over the toilet and set the water right for gentle cleaning.

You can use the drying function too if you think that you can adjust the right air temperature and pressure. I have spoken to friends and clients of mine who say that their children love the bidet toilet seat. Some youngsters even prefer it compared to their potty. I think that this fixture is particularly useful for teaching children on the basic hygiene rules for suing the toilet.

Nail Polish Drying

You can use the air dryer when painting your toe nails. After you are done with applying the nail polish, you can simply put your feet in front of the dryer so that the air blows directly on the painted nails. Of course, you will have to place your feet in front of the dryer one at the time. The nail polish will dry quickly and you will be on your way out sooner than you think.

A Final Word

There are various other things which you can do with your bidet toilet seat. I know a few people who use it as a pet fountain. Other pet lovers use it to wash their furry friends.

Use your bidet toilet seat as you like and make the most out of it.

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