Bidet Attachment Reviews: Joy Bidet C2-SC Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Joy Bidet C2-SC Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

There is no doubt that posterior washing is more effective and more comfortable compared to the use of toilet paper. You just need to find the right unit for getting a complete gentle wash. I have installed bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments on the toilets of the villas which I rent in South East Asia and I have become something of an expert in the buying, use and maintenance of these units. This gave me the confidence to review the current top sellers and to help fellow buyers and users. Consider my review of the Joy Bidet C2-SC self-cleaning fresh water spray non-electric mechanical bidet toilet seat attachment.

I will start this Joy Bidet C2-SC bidet toilet seat attachment review with the description of the product. Then I will evaluate its features and capabilities and summarize its pros and cons. I will discuss who it is suitable for as well. Use my review to make the right decision.

Joy Bidet C2-SC Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

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Product Description

Joy Bidet C2-SC is a bidet toilet seat attachment which is installed at the rear part of the seat. It is compatible with most 2-piece toilets and some 1-piece models. It measures 6 by 5 by 2 inches. It is made from white plastic. The retractable nozzle features four spray jets, which spray the water upwards and forward. The nozzle has a self-cleaning function. The control knob is positioned on the right-hand side and allows you to control the pressure of the water. When it is turned counter clockwise, the self-cleaning function of the nozzle is triggered. A standard metal braided hose and a T-connector for connecting the unit to the cold water supply are included in the package.

Features of the Joy Bidet C2-SC Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

The design of the Joy Bidet C2-SC bidet toilet seat attachment is simple and functional. The attachment part goes under the rear part of the toilet seat and this makes the whole unit quite discreet. Only the control knob will extend outwards, but it is quite compact.

The unit is made from strong and durable plastic. The material is similar to the ones used for the making of toilet seats. It is hygienic and easy to clean. You will find the maintenance of the attachment to be easy and simple.

The nozzle of Joy Bidet C2-SC is quite compact. It stays in plastic housing so it is effectively protected from the germs found in the toilet bow. It extends out of its housing only when it is in use. The four spray jets are perfectly sufficient for washing whole part of the bottom which requires cleaning. The spray is very concentrated so the removal of waste is guaranteed.

The self-cleaning feature of the nozzle works simply and effectively. When you turn the control knob counter clockwise, the nozzle will work to spray the water onto itself. That way, the exterior of the nozzle and the opening of the jets will become perfectly clean. The self-cleaning function is not automatic so you have to ensure that you will turn it on every time before you use the bidet attachment and every time after you use it.

The control knob of Joy Bidet C2-SC is made from plastic as well. It is pretty big and has clear markings. These two characteristics make it easy, simple and convenient to use. The knob is quite effective for controlling the pressure of the water. You can choose any level from super gentle to very powerful water flow.

The braided hose is sufficiently long to connect the bidet toilet seat attachment to the water supply. It is quite sturdy and reliable. You should not expect leakages or similar issues.


The Joy Bidet C2-SC bidet toilet seat attachment is a great performer in every respect. It gives you complete posterior washing for perfect hygiene and maximum comfort. You can readily choose the water pressure in line with your needs and preferences. The unit is super convenient to use. Its self-washing function works excellently.

The model is simple and quick to install as well. For proper installation, you will need a wrench and a screwdriver plus the instruction manual. The whole task should not take more than half an hour to complete.

Who Can Use the Joy Bidet C2-SC

The good functionality and the simple design make this bidet toilet seat attachment suitable for everyone who requires perfect posterior washing. The unit can be used by children as well as by adults. It is highly recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids, constipation or other conditions affecting the bowel. It is also a good choice for those who have issues with toilet paper clogging the toilet.

It is a worthwhile investment for businesses in the hospitality industry as well. Guests can enjoy an extra amenity while the cost of offering it is extremely low. You just have to ensure that the model is compatible with the toilet or toilets which you have.


The good sides of Joy Bidet C2-SC are:

  • Effective performance – The unit works superbly to give you the cleaning that you want.
  • Hygiene and comfort – You will feel great all day long.
  • Simple and quick installation – You do not have to pay a professional to do it.
  • Easy maintenance – You can keep the unit perfectly clean without much effort.
  • Convenient to use – The control knob is easy to operate even for children.
  • Good durability – The unit should last for a long time to come.
  • 15-month warranty – This warranty is longer than the standard for the industry.


The not so good sides of the bidet toilet seat attachment are:

  • The rear of the toilet seat is a bit raised after the installation of the unit – This should not give you any discomfort, however.
  • The color scheme of the control knob may fade with time and become difficult to read – Still, this can happen only after many years of use. Typically, the bidet attachments are replaced more often.


This review’s conclusion is that the Joy Bidet C2-SC self-cleaning fresh water spray non-electric mechanical bidet toilet seat attachment is a great choice in every respect. It is simple to use and does it job perfectly. You should get it for enjoying complete hygiene.

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